Speed, Simplicity,Self-Service: Accelerating & Automating Data Movement to Cloud

How long does it take your organization to onboard a new data source or dataset into your cloud data platform? By the time you design, build, test, deploy, document, and automate a new data pipeline, it’s likely that days, weeks, or months have gone by, and that’s assuming that the backlog for the data engineering team is minimal. Unfortunately, every day that goes by chips away at your credibility and relevance.

During this talk and *live demo* you’ll learn how Fivetran accelerates and simplifies data movement and streamlines data pipelines to the cloud addressing critical data challenges for any organization such as:

  • Time to insight (it’s fast to set up production data pipelines that help deliver data outcomes)

  • Architectural constraints (it’s a pure SaaS service so any infrastructure effort is removed)

  • Self-service (you don’t have to be a data engineer or developer to use Fivetran effectively)

  • Operational sustainability (it just works and uptime is 99.9%+)

Using Fivetran’s fully automated and fully managed data movement service, you’ll see *live and in real-time* (in less than 10 minutes) how an application data source with customer/account information (Salesforce) and a relational database source with lab analysis information (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL) are both easily and quickly connected to a cloud data platform for a historical sync, ongoing incremental replication, and change data capture that produces an understandable, organized, and normalized dataset. You’ll also learn how to automatically build aggregations and ready-for-analysis data models in just a few steps from the new customer/account dataset.


August 8


04:00 pm - 05:30 pm

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